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NUMEROLOGY Dear Sirs, You know as the weather is difficult to be during the good choice as regards recruitment today. In spite of a growing number of applicants for work, which should leave to a panel of candidates either sufficiently graduates or qualified, or equipped with a tested professional path; the real problem in fact with the row of recruitment, how the selected candidate will arises adapt to the spirit of your company? To make profitable the investment of sound arrival. A framework, as you know it, starts to be profitable only after one year approximately of seniority, the important one for the recruiter is to know to choose without being mistaken, to know to thwart the roueries of the candidate who does not seek, him, which to be sold. The problem of looking for a job is so true that there exist training courses today on techniques of research; for that all the means are good, with you the recruiters of not you let take… It is necessary to put all the chances on your side to avoid the fatal error, this one, beyond the cost, can discredit a company and, instead of advancing it, will make it move back. This is why there exists a real support with the recruitment which could not be contradicted by anyone. This approach comes us from the United States and Asia: Numerology. It makes it possible to know, by a simple and infallible principle, if it candidate is predisposed with a clear or ambiguous future of adaptability, creativity, courage, of being able of delegation, aptitudes for the command within a company. In waiting to read you or to meet you I remain sincerely yours For that, I propose to you to send the coupon answer attached to us; in order to invite you to this reflex numerologic, us you let us authorize a starting offer, a completely gravitational price. I add that, held with the professional secrecy, I guaranteed to you as well on the level of your company as at the level of the candidates all the necessary discretion representing of moral ethics than I have fixed myself for a few 45 years already; it is the code even of the deontology. Now question us! You will see the results! Yours faithfully. DECADES
Dear Sirs,
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